Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Game On 2.0

Game On 2.0 is currently an exhibition on at the Queen Victoria Museum in Inversek, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia (to narrow down its location.)
This is version two of the expo as the names exclaims, i never saw the original, it never came to TAS, why the world premiere is in Launceston after the success of the original I'll never know. The basic idea is simple, bunch of original games and consoles ranging from the arcades to guitar hero controllers with some tech gamers may have never seen before.

The tag line is play your way through the history of gaming, sounds cool, i expected to start at pong and finish at something like Guitar Hero. All though both of the games were there and playable the structure to the expo was annoying. It's just an open area, when they said play your way through the history of gaming i expected some structure set out, like a maze of gaming or something, something that would set me on a straight path through history. This isn't how it is though and other than the tag line lying it also added another problem. Each game has a sticker on it, five minutes maximum and move on, you expect everyone to have the curtsy to do so but alas they don't. I saw the same four people on Smash Bros Wii for about 20 minutes. If it had of being structured out, you would have been moving forward constantly and i think this would have more or less fixed the asshole problem.

The games are cool, i consider myself a big gamer, not only as a player but also the kinda person that knows his knowledge on games. But i saw stuff I've never even heard of and stuff i know of but never got to play with in real life before, which is cool. The fact is though i came here for some nostalgia and to learn something new, although i did i was getting pissed off with the types of people attending. Gaming consoles from the Nintendo 64 down in era were barley ever taken up, kids run a muck on any 360 or PS3 game, if you want to play Guitar Hero, go to Harvey Norman or EB games they have it set up there. Also not once did i ever notice someone reading the little bit of history text next to the games. Everyone there seemed to be casual gamers. This kind of event i excepted to attract more the hardcore audience wanting the nostalgia and the learning event like myself.

A downfall at the moment for the event at the moment is some games are missing and not little ones, big ones. Space Invaders, Super Mario Bros and some other have Coming Soon stickers plastered on them, i found myself kinda disappointed the moment through the door. I paid full price for this, where the hell is the full collection. But i was still impressed with what they have an considering it runs until October i plan on returning sometime near its ending period, on a school day to play my way properly through the history of gaming.

I'd check this event out next month or sometime if you're interested, hopefully all the games will be there by then and the kids infestation will have ran out.

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