Monday, June 21, 2010

Get Him To The Greek (2010) Review

Get Him To The Greek Review by Dylan

Get Him to The Greek is a spin off film from a character created in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) by Jason Segel. Directed and Written
by Nicholas Stoller, who also directed and Forgetting Marshell. Get
Him to The Greek is a comedy about Rockstar Aldous Snow played by
Russell Brand(Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Bedtime Stories) , who's
career is falling after a bad fallout with his girlfriend and
previous album. Jonah Hill (The Invention Of Lying, Superbad) plays
Aaron Green who works at the record company that sells Snows albums
and has the idea to put on a ten year anniversary concert for Aldous
Snow at the Greek Thearte in L.A. The films plot is pretty straight
forward with a bit of an emotional pull on people relationships and
life choices.

The films cast is actually pretty strong for a comedy of this sort, Brand seems to playing a reflection of himself but it suits the part
perfectly. Jonah Hill does well in a role quite the opposite to what
hes being playing. Rose Byrne (I love you too, Knowing) as Jackie Q
(Snows Girlfriend) is fine as well as P. Diddy (Carlitos Way: Rise To
Power) as the angry record company owner. Some of the finer points
of the film are by some of the smaller bit part actors and the
cameos. Colm Meaney (Law Abiding Citizen) is one of the fine parts,
playing Snows father, he is also involved in one of the funniest
scenes in the film. I judge his upon the fact that now i soul wasn't
laughing in the cinema when this scene was on, which is a high point
for comedy's of late.

Get Him to The Greek dosent contain any special effects as so but Ill give props to the set designer on the set up on Aldous Snows concert
set ups and to the hotel rooms and such. The music is also a main
part to a film like this and if you've seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall
and experienced Aldous Snows totally out there lyrics get ready for
more of that. Other than Snows songs you'll hear a lot of old British
punk rock which suits the film perfectly.

Get Him to the Greek is one of the funnier films Ive seen in some time, but it does have some down points. The length is a bit to long and
some scenes seems totally unnecessary, this is more disappointing as
some things in the trailer are missing and did look liked they'd have
been funnier than what is in the film now. Like a lot of movie lately
the movie sinks in the middle and the rushing atmosphere the film was
just giving you is slowed. All this is not to say this isn't a great
movie, Get Him To The Greek is filled with heaps of pop culture
references so this is a comedy for those more in touch with today,
but can also be enjoyed by anyone with a funny bone, you wont regret
you're dollars here

Acting: 7.5

Writing: 8

Direction: 8

Production: 8.5

Overall 8.0

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