Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crash Team Racing (PSN Classic) Review

Crash Team Racing (PSN Classic) Review

I remember playing Crash Team Racing when i was young and enjoying the colorful fun and the cool tracks. It still too this day in my heart is my second love kart racer after Mario obviously. The Playstation classic is available for $8:45 (AUS) but does this game still give you the fun and enjoyment today as it did back in the day?

The gameplay is still fun and classic kart racing fun, you'll race around a track or three laps picking up boxes around the track that contain different power ups from speed boosts to weapons and shields. Apple boxes are also around the track which is you receive ten apples your power ups will receive extra juice or an upgrade, for instance a TNT box will turn into a nitro box.
The story mode runs on a open world where you can drive around and then enter races, completing all the races in an area will unlock a boss, beating the boss will give you a key to unlock a gate to advance. You can also return to tracks after beating the boss to complete time trial races and CTR races. There is also a crystal track in each world where you have a certain time limit to collect all purple crystals.

The game looks good enough and even better then some PSP games Ive seen. All the characters match there images in the previous three Crash games and are fun characters to see on screen. Not being able to skip the bosses speeches before and after there races is an annoying thing, but other then that this game is good fun.

You'll be able to finish this game in 4-8 hours depending on your skill level. Some of the boss races can be challenging for some playings. The replay value is collecting all the time relics and CTR tokens, i 100% this game in about 5-6 hours but the Naughty Dog team surprise upon getting 100% is cool to Crash fans.

Crash Team Racing is as much fun today as it was back when it was first released. Any one can enjoy the fun, id suggest playing it on your PSP it suits the system better.

Story: 5
Gameplay: 7
Presentation: 7
Replay Value:7
Overall: 6.6

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