Monday, February 10, 2014

Slayin Review (iOS)

Slayin combines two genres that mobile devices are able to tackle fairly well. The infinite runner along with an RPG via leveling and item buying.

Pixel Licker Games, Game Slayin, is amazingly simple but really fun. Slayin presents it self to you as a retro controller, something close to a NES controller. Two directional buttons - left & right - with a pause button along with one big action button. Simple and elegant design. The big button performs a different action depending on your character; Knight jumps, the Wizard spins and the Archer skids forward. Add a bunch of monsters sprawling across the screen and you have yourself some slaying to be had.

Challenge and skill varies for each different character type, given there different skill sets. But with each you will find yourself slamming - left - right - left - in an attempt to cause some sort of stationary position as you look for the moment to head across the screen in battle.

With the Knight you can jump into the air to poke annoying flying enemies with your subtle sword. The Wizard can tornado spin for a moment allowing quick succession take-downs of several ground enemies, but you will have to wait for those fliers to make there way closer to the ground. Unless that is, you buy an upgrade that allows you a way to hurt those pesky fliers earlier. The Knight can get a longer sword, the Archer flaming arrows and the Wizard can chuck potions amongst other upgrades. Purchase of upgrades come from a friendly merchant dealer with whom the monsters have an apparent lackadaisical approach. Periodically appearing after and while in a wave, you can use the coins slayed enemies have dropped to purchase whatever you feel fit; upgrades and new abilities or health and depletive armor.

Slayin is a .99c purchase and does contain some micro-transactions. None of which help your character in anyway or have 'pay to win' written on them. You can purchase more 'Fame' the currency earned in game used to purchase new characters and modes like the endless boss more. You build up Fame by simply playing but if your like me and after ten games, still not having enough to purchase the Archer, you might find yourself dropping some real dollars. Saying this, my biggest gripe with Slayin was the expensive unlocks. The Game is enjoyable enough to grind out enough fame to unlock something but it still takes way to long without using real money.

Slayin has a great asphetic with its retro style visuals and the on-screen controller but its greatest retro element is its amazing chip-tune soundtrack. Can I purchase this soundtrack on I-tunes? Because I will.

Slayin is easily addictive and a joy to play, especially with headphones for its soundtrack. Although sometimes I missed the directional buttons causing a death the game-play is simple enduring nostalgic fun; defiantly a game you want on your phone right now.      

+ Bit tunes are awesome
+ Simple addictive fun
- Takes way to long to unlock anything

Overall: 8.0

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