Sunday, May 1, 2011

Arthur Review


Peter Bavnham writing a remake of an eighties comedy classic seemed like an odd choice. Bavnham wrote Borat and Bruno, which seemed like the complete opposite style of comedy that Arthur should be going for. Russell Brand as the lead seemed like an obvious choice and not really a thought through idea. Jason Winer of TV's Modern Family fame also seemed a bit weird of a choice to me as I'm not a fan of the show. However I am a Russell Brand fan so went in thinking Arthur would be allot of fun and it was.

Arthur's story stays true to the original but changing around some aspects for a 21st century story. Arthur's a very rich drunk that wants nothing but to drink and have some fun. His mother threatens to take away his billions if he doesn't marry the ever so annoying Susan, (Jennifer Garner) he agrees though he doesn't have any attraction to Susan and thinks she is evil. Arthur meets Naomi and falls in love but his heart and money don't agree with each other. Fact is the story is as simple as that and with the amount of 'chick flicks' produced every year now Arthur could fall into the frail and become another prolouge to pillow fights, however it doesn't.

Once you get past the somewhat annoying and obnoxious opening credits sequence Arthur takes of in the right direction. Jokes are coming fast and witty with enough flavour to not all be potty humour. I'm not even sure if any jokes Bavnham wrote ended up in the film as they all seem to fall upon Brands type of punctual humour. Helen Mirren as Arthur's butler Hobson also boasts a Lincoln hat full of one liners that would have made John Gielgud proud.

(Helen Mirren) Hobson and (Russell Brand) Arthur at an auction with split personality disorder
Russell Brand manages to expand his acting bag here with allot more heart put into his role than anything else he has done. It was nice to see him get out of his comfort zone a bit and I hope he expands more. Helen Mirren was amazing as Hobson pulling such a strong stern character that you still can't help but love. Jennifer Garner was completely unlikable as Susan and I know we were supposed to dislike her character but they seem to over do it. Greta Girwig is the real star here as Namoi bringing such a sweet nature to the film from the moment go that makes you root for Arthur to get the girl.

Arthur's target market is a bit misty to me as the film looks to want to target teenagers today, yet Arthur contains the Joel Schumacher's era Bat mobile, the Delorean and a host of other pop culture references that seem really out of place targeting a 15 y.o today. None the less Arthur has enough in it to be enjoyable for most ages. Though not as funny as the original this Arthur contains more heart.

Acting: 7.0
Writing: 7.0
Direction: 6.0
Production: 7.0

Overall: 7.0

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