Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scream 4 Review


Scream is one of my favourite horror franchise and the original Scream one of my favourite slasher flicks ever. The announcement of Scream 4 seemed both random and needed. I understood why it would make sense in a modern sense context tackling the likes of Saw and the rest of the gross-out movies that have been coming the last few years. Then I wondered why they just weren't doing a re-make to join the likes of Friday the 13th, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street (list goes on) and the rest. Then I remembered what I was talking about, I was talking about Scream, the franchise that scares and laughs in the genres face. 

Scream 4's story take place ten years after the events of the third film with Sidney Prescott (once again played by Neeve Campbell) returning to Woodsboro on a book tour. David Arquette and Courtney Cox return as Dewey and Gale and are still in Woodsboro and sifting through life with a struggling marriage. All makes sense with our beloved characters until the killings start up again, this time though Sidneys nephew (Emma Roberts) and friends are being targeted as well. 

Without having to have a ten minute conversation about what they've been up to the last ten years, Scream 4 let's you know subtle and moves on. Which is a good thing as once Scream 4 gets going it's a relentless ride til the end. I was guessing this person over here would be the killer and a minute later they'd be dead. Not saying all Scream 4 is just killing after killing but it certainly doesn't slow down in pace for long.

From Left to Right: Erik Knudsen (Robbie Mercer), Rory Culkin (Charlie Walker), Shenae Grimes (Trudie), Hayden Panettiere (Kirby Reed)   

The new or as I like to put it 'freshies' in Scream 4 were great, none felt out of place or boring like the characters introduced in Scream 3. Hayden Panettiere, Emma Roberts and Rory Culkin especially bringing a new age feel yet not channelling the 'sluty girl, boring girl and nerd that gets bashed' persona that I was excepting. Emma Roberts is more of less just channeling a younger Sidney and doing it well, Rory Culkin is being the of put Randy of the last generation but Hayden Panettiere really did control the screen each time she was on screen. Her character of Kirby Reed got a character right that I think allot of movies have tried to do but failed, the hot yet smart girl. Allot of movies have tried and came close, but ultimately the characters always feel fake, here I think Hayden and Kevin Williamson did it. 

Matching the new age Scream characters is a new age looking Scream, shot wonderfully in a style that traces back to the original movies but also feels fresh.   

Ultimately I can't spoil who the killer is or why they did it but I wish I could because it really is a smart social study upon recent times. So when you do watch it remember that and I hope you get what Williamson was pointing at.

Emma Roberts (Jill Roberts) being attacked 
Within the (I'm sure to be soon famous) opening seen Scream 4 pokes fun at not only Scream it's self as a franchise but at remakes and the gross out gore films the horror genre has all but being seeing. Smile, all I could do was smile within those first moments as Kevin Williamson's script and Wes Cravens Direction once again hooked me. Cliches are played out and then thrown out the window, Scream 4 re-invents the rules for the new generation, that I'm sure will carry onto the sure to be sequels in a new trilogy. 

 Scream 4 is my favourite of the franchise and also one of the best horror movies I've seen in years. Smartly Written, wonderfully Directed and performed with grace from the entire cast. Scream 4 is a fantastic look at the genre but also a scary and sometimes funny movie, that will be enjoyed in years to come much like the original.

Acting: 8.0
Writing: 8.5
Direction: 8.0
Production: 7.0

Overall: 8.0

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  1. I couldn't agree more. I wasn't expecting much, but Scream 4 was probably the best since the original. I agree with you that the new cast was much better than Scream 3 and I thought that the acting was surprisingly good. Craven had a decent amount of horror material to work with from the past ten years and he really used it to make a great parody of the genre.