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Paranormal Activity 2 Review

Paranormal Activity 2 Review

Paranormal Activity 2 is the sequel/prequel to the blockbuster smash Paranormal Activity. Although being released in the cinemas in 2009 the original was shown around film festivals for years before theatrical release. So you can either say this movie is a year after the original or several years. A new director has stepped in for Oren Peli, Tod Williams (The Door In The Floor) though Oren got a writing credit for characters I don't see him having that much to do with this as the screenplay was panned by Michael R. Perry.

The original Paranormal Activity was such a breath of fresh air when i sat in the cinema watching it, and it was generally scary. Well it was scary for myself, Paranormal Activity is an acquired taste, if you don't give into the idea you wont be able to enjoy it.

Paranormal Activity 2 is a sequel where having seen the original is essential. Without knowledge given in the original some of the plot will be murky and the whole ordeal could seem out there more than what it is. Strangely enough the cast is hidden in this film, you can't find there credits anywhere, this was done on purpose. A somewhat new family is the center for this stage, the film opens with Kristi and her Husband Dan bringing home there newborn son Hunter. Then in an obvious way to introduce the rest of the cast a somewhat montage of the family members is shown, Ali the daughter, Martine the housekeeper and there dog.

Without giving away what is actually an interesting follow up, they get haunted. The story works in perfectly fine and I was pleased with it, although still leaving as many plus more unanswered question as the first. There are scares but the effect from the original is gone, what will go down as a classic moment in horror when Katie stands by her bed for hours on end isn't replicated at all. Last year I sat in a cinema and jumped from my seat and left with goosebumps all down my spine gob smacked. This year i left pleased with the film but only got one scare through out.

Fans of the original should enjoy the evolving mythology and history of the characters. As the cast does a well job of portraying an actually family, there's only a few moments that you can pick out forced emotions and actions. Paranormal Activity 2 is as enjoyable as the original but just doesn't have the same magic.

Acting: 7.5
Direction: 6.5
Production: 7.0

Overall: 7.0

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