Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet The Spartans Review

Meet The Spartans Review

Meet the Spartans brings you another movie that hopes to succeed where Scary Movie did, Aaron Seltzer (Date Movie, Epic Movie) & Jason Friedberg (Disaster Movie) both team up to direct and write after there last great successes, NOT! Sadly my little joke there is funnier than any single frame of material in this so called film.

Meet the Spartans aims to send of the movie '300' and more or less follows the same story line with the antics and random material put in. Sean Maquire (The Dukes) is Leonidas, who sets out to wage war against the Persians who led by Xerxes threatens his land.

Well that would be the plot of '300' more or less, the plot of Meet the Spartans is more un-describable and makes no sense. Although it slowly pushes its way through the '300' plot, Meet the Spartans is full of so many crappy side jokes and ridiculous pop culture references that ain't funny at all the story becomes a mess and i think a 5 year old could understand something like 'Donnie Darko' easier than this .

The acting is so horrible i wouldn't even call it acting, watching the acting in this movie gives me hope that i could walk outside and be a star on Hollywood. The best acting comes from Carmen Electra (Disaster Movie, Epic Movie) who plays Leonidas's wife, her role is to be a slutty Queen and suicides.

Meet the Spartans features horrible effects, camera work and music, nothing works in this move in any possible way. You may think you could watch this and find it funny to make fun of the movie it's self, but I'd say that is an impossible task. Meet the Spartans is an undefinable something erava that should never been made and you should never watch.

Acting: 0.5
Writing: 0.5
Direction: 0.5
Production: 0.5

Overall: 0.5

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